[751] Meas Noun (2017/06/23 Fri 22:02) email :

Hi there!

Hi there! I'm looking for a japanese friend. I'm Italia and I'm 14, i prefer speack with people who are 14-16 years old. However, i'm from Rome and I can teach you italian and Italian culture. Please feel free to contact me!

[750] Cory (2017/06/14 Wed 03:50) email :

Hi there!

Hello, i'm looking for a japanese friend.

[749] Cory (2017/06/11 Sun 05:08) email :

Hello, Konnichiwa


I am Kris 34 years old from Belgium. I would like to have some Japanese friends. I prefer between 20 and 34 years old. I have been allready twiece to Japan, and planning to come more in the future. My favorite city is Kyoto. I have Skype, Line. So let me know if you want to have a chat.
Looking forward to your messages

[748] Kris (2017/03/23 Thu 18:24) email :

Friends making

Hi everyone, I am a Chinese guy studying abroad in Ireland.
I've been in Ireland for 5 and a half years and just finished the master and am going to continue for the PHD in the energy management system. I love Japanese anime, and have learnt some basic Japanese three years ago. I'd like to make some Japanese friends. Contact me if you wanna have a chat.

[747] Jack (2017/03/03 Fri 22:06) email :

hello from UK/Poland

Hello. I am searching for Japanese people, who like to write letters and exchange corspondency time to time. It would be nice if they are interested in European culture as much as I am interested in Japanese :)
If You are open minded person, honest, loyal, who like travels, kawaii items, wild nature or history please contact with me. Arigatou!

[746] Agnieszka (2017/03/02 Thu 04:55) email :

exchange laguage

Hello my new Friend !

i saw ur profile on penpalworld

Nice to meet u, here !

i'm Kevin, living in Paris

Would u like to be my
friend ?

do u use wechat, line, kakao ?

my email :

We keep in touch.....


[745] kevin (2017/02/26 Sun 12:34) email :