Life is short , it takes away many things but give some moments of happiness and friendship. Lets grab those moments.

[175] Ford (2017/08/08 Tue 12:25) email : forshepd@gmail.com

Canada to Japan pen pals

Hello friends , I'm looking for an exchange person for penpals. In Japan. Let me know.

[174] Carlos Faviel f (2017/03/06 Mon 07:04) email : Carlosfavielfont@gmail.com

Hello from Canada - «ナダから

[173] Justin (2017/02/12 Sun 12:58) email : just.residual@gmail.com


am looking for friend. emmanuel is my name i come from ghana but i live at south africa, johannesburg.

[172] emmanuel (2017/02/09 Thu 23:02) email : emmanuelkyei26@gmail.com

Old growth tree business

I live in the rainforest of bc need partnership to take orders of trees the customers are interested in, I can take pictures and send pictures

[171] Shane (2016/12/25 Sun 12:12)

my study

hi.i need a penpal and i ned a frnd who help me to finish my study to support

[170] margie aragon (2016/12/16 Fri 22:02) email : margonzeon03@gmail.com

voice is my heart

margie aragon
27yrs old
from philippines

[169] margie aragon (2016/12/16 Fri 21:56) email : margonzeon03@gmail.com