I want Real and True love

Hello, I am trying too find, a real and true Meaningful Relationship and LOVE. With a real Japanese woman. I Love Anime and Playstation. and the Rain I am Anime and Playstation Otaku I also love and like, Music (Symphonic/Operatic metal, Japanese, soft music, classical music, heavy metal, Anime ST, Game ST, Violin and Piano, opera vocals, folk music.), winter season, tea, Japanese nature art, Japanese food, Chinese food, food, Magna, nature and animals, reading, Lolita kind of clothing styles (Gothic, Sweet, Elegant), my favorite genres/types are fantasy, scifi, some horror, mystery, action, adventure, martial arts. I have never had a girlfreind, I have never been in a relationship, I am a virgin, and happy about it,I am 32 years old. I am 185cm's tall, green eyes and dark brown hair. Anthony

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