Learning about japannew!

Hi, i want to learn about japan,and maybe find new friends,hope it will get reply,because i really curious about japan people ! thank you.

[916] Hussen (2018/04/25 Wed 18:40) email : husenalmalik@ymail.com

Anime and Manga

I love anime and manga
my most favorite ones are
Tokyo ghoul
Bungo stray dogs
and more

[915] Nathan Lucas (2018/04/21 Sat 22:38) email : nathchan123098@gmail.com

Help me knowing you

Hey!this is jay.I have always admired Japan and its my very wish to know Japanese people.And I hope that you help me doing so by engaging in the bond of friendship.I guess there is more beauty to it by knowing it from your point of view so...I hope that we successfully know the taste of love and friendship from our relationship :-)

[914] Jagat Jyoti Sam (2018/04/18 Wed 16:41) email : jay.samantaray007@gmail.com


i want to some japanese friend, if you have free time chat with me and we become friend. ( sorry my english not so good )

[913] Hi (2018/04/08 Sun 21:02) email : t.n.tsvapple@gmail.com


i want a japanese girlfriend?SIGH'S

[912] shai (2018/03/31 Sat 23:09) email : zhhy@mail.com


Hi, I would like to make penpal from Japan. As I really like japan and wanted to learn more

[911] Sangay Dorji (2018/03/18 Sun 01:58) email : Sangay_dorji84@yahoo.com


hi. I am from Bangladesh. I want to make friendship from Japan. So add me.

[910] saiful islam (2018/02/17 Sat 01:43) email : balobas12@gmail.com